Sunday, August 28, 2011

~ Shake It Off ~

Reverend Joel Austin tells of a farmer whose bull fell into a deep well. The bull was a favorite of this farmer and since the well was deep, there seemed to be no possibility at all of rescuing him. Not wanting his bull to suffer, the farmer told his workers to begin to fill the well with dirt in order to kill the bull more quickly so he wouldn't have to suffer as long.

 The farmer had not credited the bull with as much intelligence as the situation revealed however, for when the workers dumped a load of dirt into the well, he shook off the dirt and stepped up on top of it. And from then on, each time a load of dirt came down the shaft of the well and onto the bull's back, he would shake it off and step up and shake it off and step up. He continued to do this until, much to the amazement of the workers, the bull at last stepped over the edge of the well and onto solid ground.

 Reverend Austin said that we should be like the bull. When problems and difficulties keep coming our way, we should shake them off and step up and shake them off and step up, until at last we can step out of that well with solid ground under our feet.

 The "dirt", or trouble, that has come your way, might be a person who has offended you or treated you unfairly. It might be a financial setback, or any number of other difficulties. You can take those problems to the Lord in prayer and turn them over to His keeping instead of your own and step up to higher ground with your problems under your feet instead of on your back.

Surely he hath borne our griefs,
 and carried our sorrows:
 yet we did esteem him stricken,
 smitten of God, and afflicted.

Isaiah 53:4

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