Thursday, October 27, 2011


 Where is that little boy who use to live here, did he move away?
 I see the old tree limb is still there; that's where he used to play.

That was his favorite horse, you know, and on it he'd ride and ride. 
And do you remember that old shaggy dog that ran faithfully by his side.

As I recall that boy had pale blue eyes and a sparkle was always there.
And he had freckles on his face with rusty colored hair.

That boy had dreams that were a mile long, and he just knew they'd all come true.
And Sometimes he's sit and share those dreams when his evening chores were through.

He talked about far off places as though he'd been there before,
And I guess there wasn't a place around here for miles he didn't twice explore.

You never saw his face that a smile was always there,
I sure miss that freckled face boy with the rusty colored hair.

You knew it was Saturday when you saw him coming down the road with a fishing pole in his hand.
I guess no one around liked fishing as much as that little man.

He'd sit on the banks of Pearl River, right where it made two streams.
I guess that's where he put together all those wonderful dreams.

And without looking you just knew that old shaggy dog was there.
God! How I miss that freckled face lad with the rusty colored hair.

© M. Passman (used by permission)

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