Thursday, November 10, 2011


Take me back to yesteryear
And the games I played with my sister dear
A Sears Roebuck catalog was full of joys
When we looked at all the wonderful toys
We’d point to a picture and select only one
Then we’d look at the price tag to see who won

Take me back to yesterday
To the country side where we would play
A bluff, a tree, they were mountains to climb
Just to reach the top was truly sublime
A pole, a fishhook, and a worm to thread
To our favorite fishing hole on the path that led

Take me back once again to see
The things we did just you and me
The plans we vowed would all come true
With a smile on our lips and a nickel inside our shoe
How happy life was in yesteryear
Where we hardly ever shed a tear

Take me back if you can
To that wonderful never-never land
To savor that youth of a girl and boy
And relive those happy moments of joy
No worries or sadness or thoughts of getting old
Just the dreams of the tomorrows that would unfold

I have not forgotten those yesterdays
Where life was full of simple ways
Imagination was all we had
But it was enough for a lassie and lad
Together we hoped there would always be
A better life ahead for you and me

But let us rejoice in the life we have known
And for the blessings to us that God has shown
No regrets, no sorrows, no thoughts to make us sad
About all the things we wanted but never had
Regrets we’ll cast out before they start
To fester and grow inside our heart

For life is too precious to live with sorrow
Of things you can’t do today or tomorrow
So let us live our life from this day on
And cherish all the good things we have known
I am so grateful for the days God did give
And for the tomorrows He allows us to live

Copyright © M. Passman (used by permission)

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