Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Nursing Home For Me!

Dear Friends and Family!

There will be no nursing home in our future......

When we get old and feeble, we are going to move to a Princess Cruise Ship.

The average cost for a nursing home is $200.00 per day each.

I have checked on reservations at Princess and I can get a long term discount and senior discount price of $135.00 per day each.

That leaves $65.00 a day for:

1. Gratuities which will only be $10.00 per day.

2. We will have as many as 10 meals a day if we can waddle to the restaurant, or we can have room service ( breakfast in bed every day of the week.)

3. Princess has as many as three swimming pools, a workout room, free washers and dryers, shows every night,

4. They have free toothpaste and razors, and all the free soap and shampoo.

5. They will even treat you like a customer, not a patient. A extra $5.00 bucks worth of tips will have the entire staff scrambling to help you.

6. We will get to meet new people every 7or 14 days.

7. T.V. broken? Light Bulb need changing? need to have the mattress replaced? No Problem! They will fix everything and apologize for your inconvenience.

8. Clean sheets and towels every day and you don't even have to ask for them.

9.If you fall in the nursing home and break a hip you are on medicare, If you fall and break a hip on a Princess Ship they will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life( can't beat that).

Now hold on for the best,

Do you want to see South America, the Panama Canal, Tahiti, Australia,  

New Zealand, Asia, or  . . .

You name where you want to go and Princess will have a ship ready to go.

So don't look for us in a nursing home . . . . . just call shore to ship.

Just forward all our email to

P.S. If you die they just dump you over the side, at no charge.

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