Sunday, April 22, 2012

Viaduct de Millau - Architectural marvel!

Structural statistics:

17 December 2004 : Opening of bridge to traffic

 (15 December 2004 : Inauguration)

10 October 2001 : Construction work started

343 m : Height at top of pylons

270 m : Height of roadway over the Tarn

2,460 m : Total length of roadway

8 spans resting on 7 piers

span widths: 204 m between abutments and first and last piers

342 m spans between remaining piers

2230 tonnes : Weight of each of the 16 sections of road-deck. Each section is built up from 60 tonne deck-units, each 4 m wide by 17 m long. The deck-units are built in Eiffel’s factories at Lauterbourg and Fos-sur-Mer.

Heights of the 7 piers :
 P1 : 94,50 m
 P2 : 244,96 m
 P3 : 221,05 m
 P4 : 144,21 m
 P5 : 136,42 m
 P6 : 111,94 m
 P7 : 77,56 m

97 m : Height of the 7 pylons
 each pylon is in the form of an inverted Y. The height of the legs of each Y is 38m.

154 : Number of stays supporting the road-deck from the pylons

36,000 tonnes : Total weight of roadbed’s steel structure
 (5 times that of the Eiffel tower)

19,000 tonnes : Steel used for reinforcing the concrete piers

5,000 tonnes : Steel used for the stays and cables

Type of deck : steel orthotropic (orthogonally anisotropic)

4.20 m : Thickness of steel road-deck

32.05 m : Width of road-deck

205,000 tonnes : Concrete

85,000 m3 : Total volume of concrete

3% (approximately) : Slope (for safety, to enable better visibility)

9,000 tonnes : Road tarmac - specially flexible bitumen laid to 6 cm thickness

4,000 tonnes : Standard bitumen for the emergency strips on either side

520 workers

300 million euro : Cost. The cost has finished at half the anticipated estimate.
 (plus 20 million euro for the toll station 6 km from the bridge’s North end).

120 years : Predicted lifespan
Architect:  Norman Foster

Constructor:  Eiffage Group. Their website has a number of short web films on the bridge as construction progresses and an animation of the bridge in use. (Note: commentaries in French.)

Paris-Clermont-Ferrand-Béziers : The Viaduc de Millau will complete this north-south motorway through the heart of France, crossing the Massif Central.

Tolls - 4.60 euro: off-season, 6.50 euro: during July and August; both charges for light vehicles.

Lorries: 20 euro throughout the year. The rest of the 340 km A75 autoroute is free.

Constructed for the  A75 motorway (autoroute) - the Méridienne. The weblink provided is to the English version of the motorway company’s “complete file”, which details the original planning for the route taken and for the final choice of bridge structure (includes maps, photos and diagrams).

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