Friday, May 25, 2012

Sea unearths secret Nazi bunkers that lay hidden for more than 50 years

Three Nazi bunkers on a beach have been uncovered by violent storms off the Danish coast, providing a store of material for history buffs and military  archaeologists.

The bunkers were found in practically the same condition as they were on the day the last Nazi soldiers left them, down to the tobacco in one trooper‘s pipe and a half-finished bottle of schnapps.

The bunkers were three of 7,000 built by the Germans  as part of Hitler's  ‘Atlantic  Wall‘ from Norway to the south of France. 

But while the vast majority were almost immediately  looted or destroyed, these three were entombed under the sand dunes of a remote beach near the town of Houvig since 1945. 

They  were uncovered only because recent storms sent giant waves cascading over them, sweeping away the sand and exposing glimpses of the cement and iron  structures.

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