Saturday, May 26, 2012

Watch your favorite shows and movies online for free

As technology advances, more types of services are being hosted online. For example, more people than ever are streaming TV shows and movies.

In the future, all TV will come into your house through video-on-demand services provided on the Internet. Why wait when you can start today?

There are so many free, legal options to stream current, popular TV shows and movies online that you may not even need your television anymore! Here are some of the best choices.

YouTube - If you think YouTube is only for videos of cute cats and people tripping over stuff, think again! YouTube hosts plenty of free movies, and not just user-created clips.
YouTube Movies offers full-length feature films from Hollywood and around the world. Many are completely free. You can also find classic films and independent films. Remember that some of these movies are not suitable for all audiences.

Crackle - Crackle has plenty of popular options for television shows and movies. Many of them are recent blockbusters, but there are also a number of classic and underground choices.
There are more than 200 films and more than 100 TV shows from every genre. Crackle is supported by advertising, so each video will have commercial breaks. Again, some content is not appropriate for everyone.

Hulu - One of the most popular sources for brand new TV shows and movies is Hulu. Hulu hosts hundreds of shows, many of them recently broadcast on major networks.
Hulu is also supported by commercials, and you will be required to create an account and sign in to view content intended for mature audiences.

Big Five Glories - During the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema in the 1930s and '40s, the five biggest production companies were Fox, RKO, Paramount, Warner Bros. and MGM. Four of them are still making movies.
You'll be able to find many of the most glorious pictures made between 1903 and 1976 on Big Five Glories. All these classic flicks stream without commercial interruption. Enjoy!

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