Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recognize Any of These?? (page 1, more later)

baby doll pajamas -

I remember 3 and 4 cent postage,

Parcheesi - played it all the time back in the day, haven't played it in years

25 cents a gallon for gasoline - you could cruise around a lot on a couple of dollars.

plugged mine in every morning and curled my hair before work

Flintstones chewables - my son loved these -

switchboard operators - before automation, there was a real voice at the other end

the soda fountain - best egg creams and black & whites - I miss 'em

1960's child car seat - they may not have been the safest, but it's what we had 

vent windows in cars - why did 'they' get rid of these?

manual window crank - when you actually rolled the windows down..

clotheslines & pins

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