Monday, December 30, 2013

Just the Facts...

File photo of a polar bear (© Paul Goldstein/Getty Images)
File photo of a Lego shelves (© Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
File photo of the US flag on the moon (© Rex Features)
File photo of a blue whale (©Joshua Barton/Reuters) File photo of an abandoned house (© Rebecca Cook/Reuters)                   
File photo of a baboon & a puppy (© Rex Features) 
  File photo of Lee Todd (© Getty Images)
 File photo of a radar dome (© Rex Features)
  File photo of Neptune (©  Getty Images)   
File photo of Pluto (© Rex Features)
  File photo of an ant (© Rex Features)
 File photo of a CT scan (© Rex Features)
 File photo of a tea bag (© Rex Features)
 File photo of a chess game (© WENN)     File photo of a statue of Alexander the Great (© Hisham Ibrahim/Getty Images)
 File photo of Mumbai (© Manish Swarup/AP)
File photo of a dragonfly (© Paul Souders/Corbis)
Portrait of President John Tyler (© AP)
File  photo of a woman's ear (© Rex Features) File photo of a man playing Powerball (© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) File photo of Psy (© Charles Sykes/AP)
File photo of Moscow  (© Andrey Rudakov/Getty Images) File photo of a shrimp (© Corbis)
 File photo of the universe (© AP)
 File photo of a map of Texas (© Getty Images)
File photo of Maudie White (© Danny Johnston/AP)
 File photo of 2 Coke cans (©Rodger Macuch/AP)

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