Thursday, November 6, 2014

the Priest and the Hobo

A Priest got on a bus and sit next to a dirty smelly drunk Hobo who was reading a newspaper as he sipped from a bottle of gin. After a few blocks the hobo turned to the priest and said "your holiness may I ask you a question?" [The Priest thought to himself..."this will give me an opportunity to witness"], so he said... " why certainly my son, what is your question?"

"What causes Arthritis?" [The Priest thought .."before I answer I will be clever with my reply and get this guy back on the right track."] "Well my son it is caused through excessive drinking, associating with bad people and sleeping with whores and women of the streets!" The hobo said "oh" and went back to reading his newspaper.

[The priest thought... "my remarks may have hit him too hard... I better ease back into the conversation", so he turned to the hobo and said ...] "my son how long have you suffered with your arthritis?"

The hobo replied," I don't have arthritis but I am reading here that the Pope has it !"

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