Friday, February 27, 2015

14 awesome websites you will like

  1. Binge Clock – This website tells you how long it will take you to binge-watch your favorite TV shows, both with and without commercials.
  2. Joshworth – If the Moon were only 1 pixel…
  3. Inkle Studios – Make your own text adventure!
  4. Paper Rater – This site checks an essay that you paste in for plagiarism, grammar, sentence structure, and more. It also assigns a grade.
  5. Inspirograph – You will love this site if you like drawing with spirographs.
  6. BBC – The 25 biggest turning points in Earth’s history.
  7. – Where is the International Space Station right now and what it can see.
  8. Bombay TV – Subtitle your own Bollywood movie!
  9. Cocktail Maker – Tells you what drinks you can make with the contents of your bar, and what you should buy to maximize the number of drinks you can make.
  10. – 8 bit dashboard.
  11. Flat vs. Realism – A beautiful website that compares Flat vs Realism design in an interactive way. Won several awards for a good reason.
  12. Chernobyl NPP – Live feed of the Chernobyl construction site.
  13. Pixilart – Draw pixel art and share with others.
  14. Bitnode – Control an RC car over the Internet.

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