Monday, March 16, 2015


12. Marmara Antalya, Turkey
This is the only rotating hotel in the world, allowing you to experience 360° stunning views. Floating in a pool of 478 tonnes of water and aided by six electric motors, it completes a rotation several times a day. Imagine falling asleep facing the sea and waking up facing the pool!

11. The Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam, The Netherlands
This four star hotel was designed so that it appeared to be made of 70 stacked traditional houses from the Zaan region. The inside decor was also inspired by the history of the region.

10. Hotel de Glace, Canada
This stunning hotel was intricately sculpted from ice. Yep, even the beds!

9. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile
The rooms are built into an artificial mountain, with waterfalls atop that blow like volcanoes! You will also have to cross a monkey bridge to get to the structure.

8. Utter Inn, Sweden
Utter Inn is located in the middle of Lake Mälaren, consisting of a deck and a cabin attached to a floating platform. Beneath, via a steep ladder, is an aquarium-like bedroom. Guests are taken to the cabin by boat and are provided with an inflatable canoe.

7. Hobbit Motel, New Zealand
For all those Lord of the Ring fans out there that have been wondering what it is like to sleep in a cozy hobbit’s home .. well now you can!

6. Costa Verde, Costa Rica
Tucked away in a tropical rainforest is a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, now used as a hotel. This unique suite on the edge of the jungles offer amazing views of the tree tops and the ocean ahead.

5. Loisaba Wilderness, Kenya
If you are a fan of the great outdoors then look no further – we have found a place that takes glamping to a whole new level! At Loisaba Wilderness ranch, you can unwind under the African skies as you get up close and personal with bush animals – such as lions, buffaloo, elephants and zebra. You sleep in ‘Mukokoteni’ bedsteads that are raised on platforms offering breathtaking views. Traditional warriors always stand by, ready to protect you from any cheeky animals from the savannah.

4. Hotel Kakslauttanen,  ‪Saariselka, Finland
These beautifully designed glass igloos were made to admire the Northern Lights. The hotel also has log cabins and traditional snow igloos you can stay in too!

3. The Caves Resort, Jamaica
This luxurious oceanfront resort has been carved into the side of a cliff.

2. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho
Who can say they have slept inside of a beagle? What about a 9m tall, 10m long, 4m wide beagle? This B&B in Cottonwood, Idaho sleeps up to four guests at one time. You enter the body of the dog through the balcony, the bedroom is found within the head and the toilet is disguised as a fire hydrant. The beagle even has a name – Sweet Willy!

1. Tree House Hotel, Sweden
Make your childhood dreams come true and stay the night at one of the rooms at Sweden’s Tree House Hotel! Located deep in the tranquil pine forest of the Lule River Valley you can find these amazing hotel rooms. And if you thought the idea of a tree house was cool enough, they have shaped into a UFO, a giant mirrorcube and even a birdnest! We are dying to try this hotel out for ourselves. Guests at this eco conscious luxury retreat are offered an isolated escape from the stresses of modern life with views of acres of forest and the gorgeous river below.


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