Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bizare Aircraft - Part II

Hyper III

Hyper III, a full scale lifting body remotely piloted vehicle, 
built at the NASA Flight Research Center in 1969.

Bartini Beriev VVA-14

Bartini Beriev VVA-14, a Soviet vertical take-off amphibious aircraft (1970s).

Ames-Dryden (AD)-1 Oblique Wing

Ames-Dryden (AD)-1 Oblique Wing, a research aircraft designed to investigate 
the concept of a pivoting wing (1979 - 1982).


B377PG - NASA's Super Guppy Turbine cargo plane, first flew in its outsized form in 1980.


X-29 forward swept wing jet plane, flown by the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, 
as a technology demonstrator (1984 - 1992).

X-36 Tailless Fighter

X-36 Tailless Fighter Agility Research Aircraft, a subscale prototype jet
 built by McDonnell Douglas for NASA (1996 - 1997).

Beriev Be-200 Seaplane

Beriev Be-200 Seaplane, a Russian multipurpose amphibious aircraft (1998).


Proteus, a tandem-wing, twin-engine research aircraft, 
built by Scaled Composites in 1998.

Caproni Ca.60 Noviplano

The Caproni Ca.60 Noviplano was a nine-wing flying boat intended to be a prototype for a 100-passenger trans-atlantic airliner. It featured eight engines and three sets of triple wings. Two pontoons, mounted on each side, were intended to give the aircraft stability. Only one example of this aircraft was built by Caproni. The prototype only made one short flight on 4 March 1921 over Lake Maggiore in Italy. The aircraft attained an altitude of only 18 m (60 ft), then dived and crashed, breaking up on impact. The pilot escaped unscathed. Caproni had the wrecked airplane towed to shore, and announced that he would rebuild it, but that night it burned to ashes.

The Airbus A300-600ST

The Airbus A300-600ST (Super Transporter) or Beluga, is a version of the standard A300-600 wide-body airliner modified to carry aircraft parts and oversized cargo. It was officially called the Super Transporter at first, but the name Beluga became popular and has now been officially adopted. 

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