Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Working with paper

Chinese American artist Bovey Lee (Li Po instrument)

Pennsylvania paper-cut artist. Material works mostly Chinese rice paper,

the creative process is a digital map and do a combination of hand-carved.

Calvin Nicholls is a Canadian paper sculpture artist, scalpel blades and paper work which is his indispensable tool that will draw a good picture, one by one into individual components, and finally they are grouped together, and then adjust the light lighting lights photography relief effect, under the lights in the halls of his three-dimensional paper sculpture is particularly evident, especially subtle form of paper and paper sculpture unique texture makes us marvel. 

His work is in many international art institutions, private collectors, publishers buy and has exhibited in galleries across North America.

Danish artist Peter Callese, an A4 paper

Denmark not only gave birth to the Hans Christian Andersen, but also gave birth to the paper sculpture artist Peter Gaile Sen (Peter Callesen). He used common A4 paper, creating a lot of fantastic work, skull, silhouette, construction and other whimsy from the lifeless paper struggling to break free, but now jump.

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