Friday, September 25, 2015

God has given us so many creatures to enjoy!

Unusual Creatures continued)

21 – Rare Albino Alligator

22 – One of the few albino whales on earth

23 – Stunning Albino Bengal Tiger

24 – Incredibly rare albino giraffe

29 – Albino Lion

30 – Friendly Albino Gorilla

25 – Pink fairy armadillo!

26 – Tube-nosed fruit bat

This creature was found just a few years ago, and doesn’t even have an official name yet. 
Supposedly well-known for being the animal that most looks like Yoda…

27 – King of Saxony bird of paradise

28 – Indian Bull Frog

Found in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan and of course India.The Indian bullfrog is renowned for its large size (some can be up to 15cm in length!) and dramatic coloring.

31 – Theridion grallator – the happy faced spider.

32 – Red-Lipped Batfish!

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