Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is Your Favorite Animal Breaking Any of These Hilarious Laws?

 Is That a Gorilla in Your Back Seat?

There are a lot of nutty laws on the books, but some of the most bizarre city ordinances and state statutes ever written concern animal behavior or human behavior toward animals.
Pet360 offers up these doozies:1

  1. If you visit barbershops in Juneau, Alaska, don’t even think about bringing your flamingo with you.
  2. If you live in Arkansas and your cow likes to stroll down Main Street on Sunday mornings, just make sure he’s home before 1:00 pm.
  3. Cow Strolling
    And in Little Rock, all dogs must stop barking after 6:00 pm.
  4. In Colorado, animal control officers must post a notice on a tree for 3 days prior to impounding a stray dog. I guess that’s to give dogs who can read a heads-up?
  5. There are probably no such signs in Hartford, Connecticut, however, because it’s against the law there to educate dogs.
  6. If you’re in Columbus, Georgia with an intact female cat, it’s your responsibility to insure neither she nor her male friends howl after 9:00 pm.
  7. If you’re fishing in Idaho, take care not to do it while sitting on a camel.
  8. If you attend the opera in Chicago, don’t expect to see any Poodles, as they’re not allowed. And Maryland residents who go to the movies must leave their pet lions at home.
  9. Under no circumstances should horses in Iowa be allowed to eat fire hydrants.
  10. Gorillas in Massachusetts may sit in the front seat only, never in the back seat of any car.
  11. Photographers in Wyoming are prohibited from snapping pictures of rabbits from January to April. Unless they have an official permit, of course.

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