Monday, February 15, 2016

EECP: An Excellent Alternative to Bypass Surgery

If you have been told you need bypass surgery or are suffering with angina or other cardiovascular problems there’s a therapy you need to know about: EECP. EECP stands for enhanced external counterpulsation, and this treatment is a godsend for patients with a wide range of heart conditions
This safe, noninvasive therapy is often called a “natural bypass” because as it dramatically boosts circulation and increases blood flow throughout the body, EECP also stimulates collateral blood flow. Collateral arteries are small blood vessels that, in the presence of insufficient blood supply, open, enlarge, and create a detour or alternative pathway for blood to flow around blockages in major arteries. Collaterals are truly nature’s coronary artery bypass, and EECP helps open them up.
In addition to helping patients avoid bypass, EECP is also beneficial for other cardiovascular problems including heart failure, chest pain, hypertension, and coronary artery blockages. Many non-heart related health conditions have also responded favorably to EECP including memory disorders, erectile dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, and kidney disease to name a few.
Let me tell you about two Whitaker Wellness patients who turned their health around with the help of EECP. 

EECP Gave Elaine Her Life Back

“Before I came to the clinic, I couldn’t bike, hike, or do other activities I used to enjoy. I had to stop and rest while doing housework, and even grocery shopping could set off an angina attack. It was depressing and made it hard to have a positive attitude.
“Beginning the first week of treatment, my chest symptoms and shortness of breath became less and less frequent. I’m now off my nitro patch and my blood pressure medications, my energy level is way up, and I’m able to do all my normal activities. I have stepped up my exercise, and I continue to eat the ‘Whitaker way,’ which I learned at the clinic. I still get some pressure in my chest when I’m very tired, but I no longer have pain.
“Earlier this year, we went on a safari in South Africa, which required very long flights and lots of walking. There’s no way I could have made this trip before. I feel very lucky to have come to Whitaker Wellness. I got my life back.”—Elaine H. 

Chester Bypassed Bypass Surgery With EECP

Chester was in the intensive care unit being prepped for triple bypass surgery the next day. He was suffering with unstable angina so severe that merely walking 10 yards brought on chest pain, and blockages from 90 to 95 percent had been identified in four of his coronary arteries.
Chester had been a patient at the Whitaker Wellness Institute and was familiar with alternative therapies for heart disease. As his surgery drew near, he made a difficult decision. He checked out of the hospital against the advice of his cardiologists, who unanimously felt that he should have surgery, came to our office, and began a course of EECP.
After he completed the treatment course six weeks later, Chester felt better than he had in years. He went from barely being able to cross the street to walking 1-1/2 miles twice a day—without angina
Is your cardiovascular system in good shape? Find out if you’re a candidate for our Healthy Heart Program by taking our quick Heart Health Test here. You can also call 866-642-1018 for a complimentary consultation with a Whitaker Wellness Patient Services Representative. 

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