Saturday, February 27, 2016

Some really great shots!

Marilyn hasn’t aged well...

In the African wilderness

Police dogs in China queue for lunch

A typical rainy day in Chicago, USA

The photographer fell over when he was taking the shot and ended up with this masterpiece of a wedding photo

A cat: The view from below

Swans swim through the street after floods, UK

A walrus becomes embarrassed when it’s given a cake made of fish for its birthday, Norway

I really want to know what they’re looking at...

With mom

A cycling team from Rwanda sees snow for the first time

Life is good

So much emotion in just one photo!

A tornado in Genoa, Italy

The heavens open. Copenhagen, Denmark

My neighbor Totoro

Some very ’attentive’ judges at the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan

A woman quietly observes Johnny Depp’s arrival at a movie premier

A herd of sheep pass through a gate

Feeding the ’birds’ in Ecuador

This guy dreamed of having two sons. His dreams came true — eventually!

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